Our fees

Often, you do not know whether you have any entitlement or whether you have sufficient information to support your position. In those circumstances, we would be happy to  arrange to meet with you to carry out a preliminary review.

If the matter is to progress, we will send you a letter of engagement which will set out clearly the fee structure and our terms and conditions.

Depending upon the nature of the engagement, we can discuss a fee based on a fixed fee, a fee based on hourly rates, daily rates or even, where the work does not involve expert witness engagements in court or arbitration, we would be willing to consider a proportion of the fee on a percentage of recovery basis

Most frequent questions and answers

In formal Arbitration or Litigation, it is possible, if the claim is successful, that you may be able to recover some of the fees. Other ADR dispute processes generally require each party to bears their own costs and shares the cost of the independent third party, for example adjudicator, mediator or conciliator.

Our standard conditions provide that fees are payable on a monthly basis, or when the services are complete (whatever is earliest).

Sometimes, we may ask for a small deposit up front, which would be  offset against the first bill.

All fees are subject to VAT 

For any inquiries, please call our office 01 906 6438 or email info@acua.ie

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