Construction Consultants
Dispute avoidance and resolution specialists based in Dublin, Ireland with international reach.
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Forensic Construction Services
Early intervention, quantum, and risk management services
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Contract Programme Analysis
We can review the progress of the work, identify and demonstrate the impact of delays and consider entitlement by examining the contract conditions.
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Construction Risk Advisory
We can review your contract, consider the execution risks and work with you to find a solution which suits your business requirements.
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Dispute Advisory Services
We can provide Expert Quantum Reports which can be submitted in formal dispute processes, including Litigation, Arbitration, Adjudication, Conciliation or Mediation.
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Construction Consultants

A dispute arises when there is a genuine difference of opinion regarding the interpretation and implementation of the Contract. We are very experienced at identifying potential risks before they manifest themselves into a dispute. If a matter is developing into a conflict, we can quickly review entitlement under the Contract and work with you to consider ways to avoid formal dispute process. If, however, the matter has already developed into a dispute, we can assist with all forms of alternative dispute resolution processes. If you require any assistance, please contact us at 01 906 6438 or