Programme Analysis

Your site team may be reporting that they are behind progress without establishing the causes of the delay.

Your internal accounts may show that your costs are running ahead of the valuation on site.


The first action will be assemble the information. This will include a visit to the site, discussion with the site staff to establish the facts.

If the contract provides for an accepted programme, we will work from that, making sure the logic is sound.

Programme Analysis

ACUA can assist you with practical advice when you are trying to assess why the construction works have taken longer than you have anticipated. 


We will consider what records are required to demonstrate your entitlement, whether there are condition precedent clauses within the contract, and make sure that you write to the employer in accordance with the provisions under the agreed contract.

When there are delays reported, we can use Primavera P7, Asta Powerproject or Microsoft Project to assess the likely impact of an event(s) on the progress of the work and the Completion Date. We can draft the notice and produce an extension of time claim based on the records gathered.

Publish report

We will produce a written report, which sets out the analysis, and our findings. We will append all of the programmes and reference the documentation which we have considered.

This document can be used to report to the construction board to consider any corrective actions or could be used in any formal dispute process.


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