Risk Advisory

"Our practice strives to provide timely, accurate commercial assistance and advice to all stakeholders to the construction industry."

Construction Risk Advisory

Construction risk advisory services could include:

Perhaps you are tendering a project with an unfamiliar contract and require an independent analysis of the commercial risks before execution. 

We are experienced in considering the commercial risks in several contract forms, including RIAI, Public Works Contract Ireland, JCT, NEC, and FIDIC conditions, and reviewing bespoke arrangements.

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Independent Review of Project Costs

Have you appointed a construction manager to manage the project and act as your agent, issue instructions, make decisions and prepare certification? Perhaps the construction manager’s fee is based on time expended, and you need an independent review of costs and time expended?

In this scenario, we can provide resources to review the books and records and consider whether those costs have been reasonably and necessarily incurred.

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Recovery of Construction Debt

Recovery of construction debt could include assisting you in substantiating a variation account to seek to maximise your recovery. 

You could be a Liquidator or Receiver of a construction-related company. The Statement of Affairs indicates a substantial construction debt owing to the company, and you need assistance in recovering that debt. In this scenario, the construction contract has often been determined, and the employer has produced a termination value far more than the remaining construction debt. You will need specialist assistance seeking to establish that the costs are overstated. Often this requires the matter to be referred to a third party, be that a conciliator or adjudicator.  We can assist you with this.

Project Monitoring

You have financed development and require an independent audit at the outset and monthly monitoring before each fund drawdown.  

We are on a Bank Monitoring Panel for a Major Bank in Dublin.

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Be-spoke in-house training

We would be happy to discuss any areas for internal training; recent training includes Alternative Dispute Resolution, Commercial Awareness, including presenting additional loss and/or Expense claims in construction.