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Litigation Support

We can assist you (or your legal representatives) to firstly understand the strength and weakness of your case before you may decide to proceed with litigation.

Often a robust report is the catalyst to discussions with the other party and may lead to an early settlement.

Early on in the proceedings, your legal team may wish to make a payment into court as security for costs. In this respect, we can review the contemporaneous information and assess a range for the lodgement.

Litigation Support

We can assist your legal team in researching and assembling the documentation to support your claim.

Expert Witness

Expert Witness with courtroom experience

Expert Witness Engagements

If proceedings have been initiated then you will need an independent, robust Expert Witness Report which can be submitted as Evidence in Chief in the case.

The report is independent and will need to stand scrutiny under examination at any subsequent hearing and should be drafted in a way that can be easily conveyed to the Judge.

We have court room, cross examination experience, and understand what the Lawyers and Barristers require.

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