Early Neutral Evaluation

Sometimes, you have a distinct issue or concern about something being wrong.

You require an independent review of the situation to identify issues or confirm that you are doing everything reasonably necessary to protect your commercial position.

Early Neutral Evaluation

Our experience enables us to quickly identify any issue(s) and determine what you can do to manage the problem. 

This type of review could include:

(a) Considering a principle of whether an item is a variation under the form of the Contract. It may be the case that the item, if settled, will set a precedent for other variations, so it is essential to identify the strength of the position as early as possible;

(b) Your commercial team may advise you that the project is particularly profitable within the cost valuations, but the actual progress on site does not suggest the project is going well or

(c) The site team have changed and needs some assistance understanding the commercial procedure required under the Contract. In this scenario, we could take the Contract and devise a step plan to ensure a smooth transition.

External Site Audit

Unfortunately, all too often it is not until the end of the project that poor performance manifests itself in a loss on a project. Creating positive cash flow by a combination of overvaluation and undervaluing the supply chain will eventually catch up.  We are happy to support your commercial team and provide assistance (or can carry out a site audit independently), considering the costs, claims, progress of the works. 

Other related services

  • Programme analysis

    We can review your programme and establish the cause(s) of the delay. This can be carried out during the project or as a retrospective analysis after the works are completed. You will need to consider whether there are contractual clauses that prevent this type of assessment.

  • Quantum Analysis

    For example, the Public Works Contract requires contemporaneous notification through the currency of the contract; you will therefore need to be on top of your applications. We can review your contract, discuss the progress of the works with your commercial and production teams and identify and establish any financial entitlements under the contract.

  • Assist with referring the matter to a third party

    Under the contract (if there is one), we can assist you in presenting your position to a third party, be that a standing conciliator, adjudicator, conciliator, arbitrator, or court.